Stroller ABC Design Amigo

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Jogging Strollers Stroller, 8-wheels, Folding mechanism: Stick, tilt adjustment, height adjustment, specs, window, shopping basket, weight: 9.6 kg

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The ideal pushchair companion in every situation: The ABC Design Amigo is conveniently adaptable to all requirements. The sun hood can easily be extended forward when the weather changes to give the child the best possible protection against sun and rain.

Both the backrest which can be adjusted simply with one hand and the adjustable leg rests provide maximum comfort and safety for toddlers of 6 months.

The safety bar is removable. A large shopping basket is part of the standard equipment and rounds off the quality profile of this talented all-rounder.

This buggy can be converted into a travel system in combination with the Group 0+ car seat Rider.

Product Features: Stroller ABC Design Amigo

Stroller type: Jogging Strollers
Child qty: Single Strollers
Wheels: 8
Folding mechanism: Stick
Type of construction: Four point foot
Safety Belts: Yes

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Stroller ABC Design Amigo
Maneuverability: 4.7
Materials: 4.7
Amortization: 5
Votes: 3   Reviews: 2
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Stroller bought a stroller for travel, but seeing that it is done wisely, I think I will use it at home. Big hood, which drops to bumper even in the recumbent position. Prone position is not 180 degrees, but the 170-175, which sticks to a rarity. Adjustable footrests, swivel front wheels, shopping basket. Since then, together with a sidecar brought a raincoat, mosquito nets and warm envelope on the legs. Clearly composed and decomposed. Removable bumper, transparent window in the hood, in which the child looks, if it lies.
Nice, nice stroller, made ??by quality - there is no suggestion that the collapse on the move ... bright and stylish. At first glance basket is too small, but quite a lot of climbs. the handle can hang bags - nothing outweighs. rides are excellent and the asphalt and dirt. front swivel wheels secured excellent (many strollers that sin). Convenient large canopy, a window on the hood with a magnetic clasp that allows you to spy on the baby without disturbing his sleep. good cushioning for wheelchairs that class at all uncommon. quickly and easily formed. All parts are removed and erased. does not fade in the sun (SPF-factor 50) and in the wash. Removable front wheels. good rain gear and grid-moskitka included. smooth running, easy to manage.

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Stroller ABC Design Amigo
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