Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check

Specifications: Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check

Transformers, 4-wheels, Folding mechanism: Book, horizontal position, tilt adjustment, height adjustment, specs, shopping basket

Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check review:

  • Free Carry Cot included. (shown in inset image)
  • Free weather shield included.
  • Free boot cover/footmuff included.
  • Classic Navy with navy check seat lining/trim.
  • Silver grey/black anodized aluminum frame.
  • 12” pneumatic wheels.
  • Removeable front bumper.
  • Extra Large shopping basket.
  • 3 Position layback seat
  • Individual footrests.

Product Features: Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check

Stroller type: Transformers
Child qty: Single Strollers
Wheels: 4
Folding mechanism: Book
Type of construction: Four point foot
Safety Belts: Yes

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Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check
Maneuverability: 4.5
Materials: 5
Amortization: 5
Votes: 2   Reviews: 3
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Overall I have loved this pram as has heaps of room for bubs, can get to huge shopping basket while it's fully reclined without waking baby. Extra large hood is great. Great looking pram
my pram has never had any faults... touch wood! I love it for what everyone else has said, fabulous steering, suspension, roomy, and extra handle height since i am six foot tall... a brilliant walking pram but very large when folded down... luckily i have a large wagon but if i didn't it would be such a pain i'd have to just buy another car... not another pram lol
After months of searching for a pram i decided upon this one. it looks great, comes with many accessories and is a very sturdy, safe pram. baby would sleep for hours in the pram as it has so much space to stretch out. now that baby is getting a bit older (4 months) i am hating it. too much of a hassle to get in and out of the car. the seat recline only has 3 heights - flat, almost flat and fully upright (baby hates it). i'm now thinking of selling this pram and getting a 3 wheeler. this pram is fantastic for long walks but not great for shopping trips.

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Stroller Bertini 905 - Navy Check
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