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New, with Reversible Seat Unit! The Pretty Cross is the traditional pushchair stroller with umbrella folding, for children from birth to 36 months. 

Lightweight umbrella folding aluminum pushchair, with ergonomic handles.
The front wheels can be fixed or swivel and a linked brake is fitted to the rear wheels. 
Complete with 5 point harness, 4 position adjustable backrest and footrest,  hood with window, foot muff, shopping basket and rain cover all included as standard. 
Covers removable and washable at 30 deg. C.
Very compact folding system in both rear and forward facing positions.
Thanks to the patented Quicky System, the BYE BYE and Area Group 0+ infant carriers (sold separately) can be fitted to the chassis to become a travel system. The Via Vai system enables the complete removal of the seat unit from the chassis.
Available in maroon, orange, blue, and red.

Dimensions (WxDxH):  56 x 92 x 104.5 cm, Weight: 9.2kg
Made in Italy by CAM, leaders in the nursery industry for almost 40 years.

Item will be shipped within 10- 14 business days, subject to availability.


Product Features: Stroller CAM Pretty Cross

Stroller type: Jogging Strollers
Child qty: Single Strollers
Wheels: 8
Folding mechanism: Stick
Type of construction: Four point foot
Safety Belts: Yes

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Stroller CAM Pretty Cross
Maneuverability: 5
Materials: 5
Amortization: 5
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Here we are expecting a baby and with the usual problemini to buy a wheelchair, stroller, car seat ... prohibitive prices and poor quality, in short, a disaster! I have followed advice from a friend that after scouring the stores for all brands advised me to follow his example so I have purchased the COMBI PRETTY CAM and I must say that I am fine! And 'composed by wheelchair, stroller and car seat interchangeable on a single frame all approved for transport by car. Wide range of patterns and good padding, if you live in the area then I recommend you to jump directly from the factory to the CAM is Telgate (BG) Grumello near the exit of the A4 MI-VE is a company store, really good, I state they sell only new products but not defective because you buy direct from the manufacturer prices 30% lower than the same product purchased in the store. E 'is open every day except Sundays from 8 to 12 and from 13.30 to 17.30 SATURDAY ONLY IN THE MORNING!! Obviously they are not only wheelchairs, but also a wide choice playpen, changing table, and more need for a child.
If you want a stroller without infamy and without praise ", here it is. There's nothing innovative, is spartan but try to make it appealing to the fantasies of pretty fabrics. About textiles, the stroller is completely removable, but after 3 washes, the colors are faded. The anchoring system of the baby leaves much to be desired: the straps are placed too low, are not very adjustable, and if the child is lively not keep him safe. On the positive side the seat is rigid, unlike other strollers when the child seems to be sinking. Ultimately, if you can spend a few bucks more, you know that it gets better.
Name *14.06.2011
Hi, we had left a bad gestosis to October when I was forced to leave their jobs and then the PC. Well, given that the arrival of my baby was due in March and instead it was decided on 02.16.2002 (as Valentino Rossi Angelica ..... in fact, dora the bikes) I now find myself with a beautiful suckling pig 4 months. Fortunately, before Christmas we had the wonderful idea to bring us in a chain store at that time that Jack sponsored an offer of a company ... (Cam the fact) that with a decent price with guaranteed Pretty Cam (pram pushchair combined .... .... and baby cot). Now that I'm using the several months that I realized how handy and useful. In fact, this stroller with one structure is transformed according to the needs of the baby, parent and growth ... in fact as well as being wheelchair (for those who still do not mean the one that looks like a bed with the hood) is also 2 types of strollers, car seat and baby bouncer swing .... I believe I'm doing literally everything is convenient ... ... at home is useful for the small to sit comfortably while you do some work out is ... a stroller to fit a small child (so does not require it to make the body lying on the force) and in the car is perfect. I forgot to say that this object is also popular with cats that make their traveling lying in the hammock in the retina for objects placed in the buggy. In this way you can take a walk is the natural heir to the son of sleeping with whom you have been practicing for several years. About this Kublay (my big cat) was elected nanny natural Angie ..... the problem is that although it spent all this time continues to wonder why not the growth of the hair ... I like ' impression that a Devon Rex .... believe it smells it and then tilting my head ....." meowing brief look poor, but why is naked? " Bacissimi Mamma Dandolas

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