Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)

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Travel Systems, 6-wheels, tilt adjustment, height adjustment, raincoat, specs, window, bag, shopping basket, weight: 12.4 kg

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Universal baby stroller Matteo - the advanced stroller made by Coletto which is supplied by all options necessary for mum. The improved functionality, perfect automation and ease in using! This stroller takes only a little place in flat - its frame very compactly develops and can stand in the folding kind without a support! The reliable walking block is equipped with five-dot seat belts, protecting the kid against casual fall from a stroller on asphalt.

  • Light frame,
  • Wide convenient cradle,
  • Swaddling mattress,
  • The walking block,
  • Protective bumper,
  • Raincoat,
  • Bag for purchases,
  • Two instructions for stroller's assemblage,
  • An auto seat (option is available only to order)

Matteo baby stroller's frame and wheels.
Aluminum frame in weight of 9kg (together with wheels) is very simple both for folding and dismantling. When a frame is in folding condition, it takes not enough places in room. The sizes of frame with wheels established on it: height-68sm, width-58sm, depth-43sm.
Matteo forward wheels are coupled (two wheels on one side). They can turn on 360 ° that gives a great ease in management. You can block wheels by only one pressing.

There is also a brake near to a back right wheel. By pressing a brake you can block two back wheels at once. Moreover, in a window you will see the red light which will show that back wheels are blocked! To unblock back wheels you must press the red lever down to a click (and in window you will see the white light).
Back rubber wheels with pumping on bearings and cast disks provide reliable coupling with any road covering, even at the strong road's lack.
Back wheels' diameter - 27sm, diameter of the forward wheels - 18sm.

Matteo stroller's cradle.
The deep, wide and warm cradle is sewed of waterproof fabrics. This last novelty weighing only 5.8 kg will reliable protect your kid against wind and cold.
The cradle's sizes: length-80sm, width-32sm, depth-21sm. The mattress in a complete set - 20sm.
You can easily establish the cradle on a frame using adapters, after cradle's removal off a frame adapters are closed to prevent extraneous subject's ingress!
There is a convenient handle for transfer on a cradle. The hood and a peak protect child against bad weather and too shining sun. The hood is regulated by buttons which are situated on both cradle's sides. A cradle has the folding hood.
Inside cradle is made of natural materials. Mattress is soft and pleasant.

The handle of Matteo stroller and turning round an axis cradle.
The handle is regulated in telescopic way. Just press red buttons, which are on the handle - and it will extend to 15 sm. Sizes: the handle in a standard condition - distance from a floor to the handle: 98sm, the handle in the extended condition - distance from a floor to the handle: 109sm.
The frame is designed in such a way that established on it cradle, walking block or a car seat can turn on 360 ° about the axis. So, if you want to turn a cradle on 180 ° (to change a direction), you can do this without any problems.

Coletto Matteo walking block.
The walking block, as well as a cradle, can be turned on 360 °, establishing faced to mum or in the direction of a travel. You can also establish a demountable protective bumper on the front of the block.
During your kid's growth you can regulate seat belt's height. Stroller's back is smoothly regulated - you can choose 1 of 3 positions with the help of the red handle. The stroller's footboard is regulated by means of buttons (two positions).
You can clasp or unfasten the hood using the lock and a rivet. So, there is an opportunity of air stream circulation regulation depending on season.
To remove Matteo stroller's walking block you need to press the acting plastic hooks. There is a warmed cover on legs and very capacious bag for mum in the complete set.

Also it is possible to buy a car baby seat in addition to Coletto Matteo stroller which can be easily established on a frame. This seat will deliver an additional convenience at a kid transfer from the car to a stroller.

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Product Features: Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)

Stroller type: Travel Systems
Child qty: Single Strollers
Wheels: 6
Type of construction: Four point foot
Safety Belts: Yes

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Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)
Maneuverability: 4.9
Materials: 4.8
Amortization: 4.8
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Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)Stroller Coletto Matteo (3 in 1)
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