Stroller Hauck Boston Air

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Transformers, 4-wheels, Folding mechanism: Book, horizontal position, tilt adjustment, height adjustment, raincoat, specs, window, bag, shopping basket, weight: 14.5 kg

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The classic all terrain stroller. Maximum passenger comfort guaranteed. 

With its 4 large air wheels the hauck Boston Air  is at home in the country as well as the city. Using the soft or hard carrycot turns the practical Boston Air into a safe environment for your newborn.

The Boston Air has a plush seat unit with padded arm rests and bumper bar for extra comfort. Backrest with padded side head protectors and footrest are both adjustable and a bootcover is included for cooler days.  The 5-point harness adds safety.

The reversible handle mechanism is operated by side buttons.  Therefore you have the option to have your child front or rear facing. To ensure optimum ride comfort there is individual suspension on each air wheel incorporating a one touch braking system. 

Accessories include a 2 in 1 sort carrier or for functionality the innovative hard carrier which can be used independently as a baby carrier, both carriers convert to a cosytoe. 

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Stroller type: Transformers
Child qty: Single Strollers
Wheels: 4
Folding mechanism: Book
Type of construction: Four point foot
Safety Belts: Yes

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Stroller Hauck Boston Air
Maneuverability: 5
Materials: 5
Amortization: 5
Votes: 10   Reviews: 4
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Name *02.02.2020
Der ist sehr gut bei meinem ersten Kind hatte ich in und jetzt mchte ich wieder so einen ?
How can i get it? Can anyone tell me the price?
I really like this one! I want the silver one for my baby which I'm expecting in november 2011. But how can I get it?!
Advantages: reversible handle. Very comfortable seat, long and wide. Comfortable. Excellent cover for the feet. Fabric breathable stroller. Deep and wide. Harness is opened all at once with one button. Cons: wheels are very powerful, because of this neat stroller looks like a bulldozer. Stroller is heavier than the stated anywhere on the Internet. The box says that the pushchair weighs 17 kg. This is not the cradle. Not climbed stroller into the elevator, which easily passed the classical Prams Inglizina. A bit stiff in the corners.

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Stroller Hauck Boston AirStroller Hauck Boston AirStroller Hauck Boston Air
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